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About us

Hospi Mobile Services is a non-governmental, apolitical and not-for-profit health organization
that seeks to reduce barriers to health care by providing mobile health services in different
communities. With its head office in Douala, the organization carries out activities in four regions
of the country; Center, Littoral, Southwest and Northwest regions of Cameroon.

Our Objectives

The organization has three main objectives:

  1. first to Improve access to healthcare,
  2. secondly to empower youths by building capacity and creating employment,
  3. thirdly to promoting research and innovation in healthcare


Since its creation in December 2016, the organization has grown to have over 200 registered
young health workers in the four regions mentioned above. The registered members include
doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, students, and community health champions
who have a mastery of their local communities and the have good local communication skills. Its
hardworking and dedicated staff have experience in carrying out community health projects.


In the last year, Hospi Mobile Services has designed and carried out many projects in collaboration with many other organizations and individuals. To increase access to health care, the organization has been working with different target populations; it has carried out several educative sessions with over 800 pregnant and breastfeeding women in Deido health district Douala, educated and screened over 5600 people
for hypertension, 2600 people for diabetes, 3000 children and adults for malaria and 120,000
people for HIV. The unique strength of the organization is that most of its services are brought to the patient at their door step that is, in the patient’s home or place of work; hence its motto:
“Taking healthcare to where it is needed”. Moving from door-to-door reduces barriers to health
seeking behaviors and has facilitated the active linkage of more than 50 pregnant women for first antenatal services, linkage of over 40 newly diagnosed hypertensives and the linkage of over 1568 people living with HIV to care and treatment. With respect to capacity building, Hospi Mobile Services has organized many training and refresher programs for its volunteers on several topics including HIV counseling and testing,

Our Partners

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